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PU Decorative Corbels

What do you like? What is your style preference? Corbels come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Incorporating corbels into your decor may seem like a formidable task, considering the endless possibilities we make available to you.

The most straightforward way to narrow down your choices is to analyze your own unique decorating style. Do you prefer a more traditionally styled home? Do you tend to gravitate toward the Arts and Crafts style of design; do you tend to love Mission-style furniture? Is your goal to lend a Mediterranean feel to your home? Is your home a contemporary one, with modern lines and furnishings?

We offer PU corbels and PU brackets with clean and simple lines to corbels with elaborate curves and scrolls to corbels with whimsical, eclectic details. No matter what your style is, or what your design goal may be, there is a style of corbel that is perfect for your decor.

Corbels: Choosing a style


Corbels are more than just functional architectural elements. They are focal points because of their detail; the eye is naturally drawn to corbels as points of interest

Although the intention of the carvings on PU Corbels is geared toward the pursuit of an aesthetic, the corbel's intended function is obvious. The flat platform on the top of the corbel is a convenient place to set a shelf on, or support a counter top on. Thus, corbels are useful in any room in the home. If you are using corbels for decorative purposes, keep this rule of thumb in mind: although your intention is to adorn your home, the corbel's appearance should be that of utility. In other words, even if the corbel isn't actually supporting another structure, it should look as if it does.

We not only offer a wide selection of varieties to choose from, but also offer several sizing options for your selection. Our corbels lend a natural, polished appearance under your countertops; embellishing arch and entryways; or below the structural beams in your home.

Historically, corbels were fashioned out of stone (often in marble) and wood. Today, you can buy corbels in these traditional materials, but also in high density polyurethane which is more elegant compared to other materials.

We offer polyurethane corbels, which are the most popular by far. It is important to note that polyurethane corbels are designed for decorative purposes. Quality polyurethane corbels are made from the highest density polyurethane, otherwise known as furniture grade polyurethane. High quality polyurethane's appeal is in its overall durability.

Hand carved corbels


Molded High Density PU Foam Corbels

The truth is evident when you consider the details and evaluate the process: any two of corbels are not identical in terms of dimension and design, if you look closely at the designs themselves, you will find slight variations attributed to the individual skill of the master who carved it. But in case of molded PU Foam corbels we assure that every piece that is manufactured will not be differed by any means.

We take pride in our molded PU FOAM corbels. Produced from the highest quality standards and with the finest materials available, our products are the culmination of a degree of excellence that is unsurpassed. You can feel confident that we never compromise on quality...

PU Foam Corbels
PU Foam Corbels

Polyurethane is hard, dense foam that has many advantages over wood or plaster in that it does not rot, crack, splinter, or absorb moisture.

Here are a few of the many advantages of polyurethane corbels:

  • Exquisite detail and design consistency
  • Lasts longer than wooden corbels
  • Designed for interior and exterior use
  • Cuts cleanly without splintering
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Pre-primed and ready for paint or stain
  • Manufacturing And Selling Polyurethane (PU) Decorative Building Materials For Interior And Exterior Decoration